Chino XL and Rama Duke

Chino XL and Rama Duke with their song Under the Bridge will be attending Rock into Spring and be announcing the concert start on Friday April 28th 2017! Chino XL, is an American rapper and actor, known for his “technically” accomplished style, consisting of self-consciously over-the-top punchlines, exaggerated egotism, complex rhyme schemes, and use of multiple similes, puns, metaphors, and word play. He has collaborated on various projects with some of the most well known in Hip Hop. Chino and Rama collaborated on the new cover by the Red Hot Chili Peppers hit song Under the Bridge. RAMA DUKE / 1520 BIO Imagine the sonic signature of an artist whose early influences include Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s,” Veruca Salt, Tool, ‘90s grunge and Hall & Oates. Of course, the customary next statement is supposed to neatly reveal that Rama Duke—the namesake of this bio—is that very vocalist. Come hang out with Chino and Rama all weekend at Rock into Spring!

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