Shallow Side to Play at Rock into Spring 2017

Gangster, Cranked up Live, The Rocking Comedy Show and are proud to announce the addition of Shallow Side to the Rock into Spring rock and roll festival!
Shallow Side. Two words defining more than just four members of a band about their upbringing, their relentless dedication to more than just music, and their ever daunting of shadows in life, lust, and loss. Powering through the trenches of lies and deception in the beginning stages of touring Shallow Side arose above and beyond their call. Stranded and lost ten hours from home they battled their way into over 500 venues nationwide compiling over 200 live shows a year for the past 5 years garnering national attention from North Americas largest radio stations and media platforms. Now joining forces with Thermal Entertainment the team has gathered the strength to bring the world a brand new look along with a ground breaking sound to rock and roll. With heart pounding drum licks accompanied by thundering bass the sheer vibrations are enough to make any foot want to shake. The melody from the guitar rings out creating a familiar sound and the soulful voice that follows creates an instant classic for every household. Can you remember when music brought everyone in? Can you think back to when the song made the difference? Do you remember when the family was told this will take you to hell but definitely sounded like heaven? The music is back and it’s better than ever. “I had the pleasure of quarter backing the “Stand Up”, Under The Radar radio campaign. The success of the track was beyond anyone’s expectations, showing the true strength of Shallow Side. This band is a force to be reckoned with.” -Quinn Tanzer, Radio Contraband- “Absolutely the best up-and-coming band I’ve heard in the past ten years!” -John Fred Young of Black Stone Cherry- “Shallow Side is the Best up and coming Rock Band, Period! Their work ethic and sound are absolutely second to none.” -Bryan Scott Rockstar Marketing- “This band of American-made, true-blue, rock soldiers is poised on the brink of greatness. Their tireless work-ethic and DIY-aesthetic should stand as a template for up-and-coming bands on how to carve your own path for success in the Rock game. They’ve got the powerhouse songs, the standout live chops, and the youthful energy to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the biggest bands in the land…I forecast massive success for them in the not-too-distant future.” -Gary J of LandShark Promotions- Hitting rock bottom isn’t hard to do when you start from it and aren’t expected to grow from it. That’s exactly the kind of hand Shallow Side has always been dealt and today makes the change. With hope fueled passion, hard lessons learned the band Shallow Side will and has stopped at nothing to make sure every ear gets a listen and every voice gets a chance. “We’ve been through the ringer, no one can say we haven’t paid our dues” Eric the frontman of Shallow Side explains. “We’ve been stranded without a pot to piss in, promised tomorrow just to find out it was canceled due to rain. Had three career ending injuries while touring and it hasn’t slowed us down enough to lose momentum.” “They sound, look & perform FANTASTIC ! … Great ROCK SHOW !” “When it comes to business, the boys are on point.” “We’re Fans, Friends & PROUD to be part of the SHALLOWSIDE FAMILY” -Alex Reymundo and Ron White Number JUAN Tequila SEE MORE OF SHALLOW SIDE AT